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David Blanchard interview

Dan Blanchard interviewed Angie for his blog Grandaddy's Secrets. Read the inverview here. A PDF of the interview is here.

Danbury Digest

The Danbury (CT) Public School system wrote an aricle about the program and included it in their newsletter, the Danbury Digest. Download a PDF of the newsletter here.

Danbury NewsTimes article

The Danbury NewsTimes wrote an article about I Can Work. A PDF of the article is here.



Presentation at Therapro (March 12, 2016)

Angie spoke at Therapro's Saturday Seminar Series on March 12, 2016 with a presentation entitled I Can Work! Hands-on Ways to Build a Strong Foundation. Some comments from attendees:

  • "Well organized way to approach pre-voc education for a range of student with special needs. This seminar provides some great ideas for how to incorporate effective, meaningful activities for pre-vocational skills."
  • "The format can be generalized to not just these modules/skills (that were presented today), but also to agriculture, computers, engineering, etc."
  • "Both our elementary students and 18-21 year old program could benefit to use this program. I would love to collaborate on how to take these ideas even further."
  • "Fantastic presentation on how to organize a work skills program. Can implement ideas immediately."

Testimonial from Rebecca Tock

I was introduced to the I Can Work curriculum at an educational conference I attended in Spring 2015. Immediately, I knew it was special. It was so different from other vocational curriculums I have used in the past and I thought that this may be the piece that I needed to provide a well rounded pre-vocational education experience in my class. After the presentation, I approached Angie Mahoney, the developer of the curriculum, for some clarifying questions about the program. I was impressed by how user friendly the program appeared to be. Angie was clear, concise and knows her stuff! She was very helpful. What was quite amazing was that it was a total of $49.95. That is unheard of in this profession!

I was able to immediately purchase the curriculum due to its affordability and size. The modules provide comprehensive and clear lesson plans that are easy to use and even easier to incorporate into an existing classroom curriculum. The material presented provides visuals and a guide for the use of real world everyday materials. When working with young adults who have severe disabilities the use of familiar objects is imperative for success. I appreciate the way in which I Can Work really uses large graphics and touches upon prior knowledge of the students.

The instructions to set up lessons are easy to follow, and really make this an accessible space for my students. It has definitely enhanced my pre-vocational lessons and given my students more ways to participate in pre-vocational activities.

I love I Can Work It was the best class curricular decision I could have made. I recommend it to any teacher who teaches a pre-vocational class to students/individuals with moderate to severe disabilities.

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Some kind words from a fellow educator

Two years ago when I took a high school intensive needs teaching job, I was overwhelmed and disheartened at the lack of functional curriculum that was available for my students. I had worked with Angie several years before and had remembered that she was developing a work skills I gave her a call. It was the best call I could have made! Angie and her publishers were generous enough to allow my team and I to pilot a few of her modules. Over the course of several weeks the students began to develop their routine and learn functional skills that would carry through into adult life.

The I Can Work! modules were easy to use and adapt to a variety of skill levels. The use of visuals and daily repetition of skills benefit our more challenged population.

It's been 2 years since I started using the I Can Work! curriculum with my Work Skills class and the progress that has occurred in my students is phenomenal. Along with gaining functional work skills, they are gaining skills in functional communication, socialization and self reflection. I was thrilled this summer when Angie published her I Can Work! curriculum for 2 reasons- 1. I could finally purchase all of the modules and 2. That so many other educators would have the opportunity to use the curriculum and to develop their own functional work skills learning environment for their students.

Presentation at Therapro (August 17, 2013)

Angie participated in Therapro's Saturday Seminar Series on August 17, 2013 with an informative 90 minute presentation of the core concepts of I Can Work!. Participants were encouraged to complete an evaluation form at the end of the seminar. Some selections:

  • "Useful, organized approach to middle & high school work skills"
  • "Very informative, user friendly, and very possible to implement."
  • "Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable. Would love to see her back in the future!"
  • "It was both engaging & informative. Can't wait to begin implementing this program!"
  • "Many options provided for adapting the program."
  • "I would recommend this seminar if considering incorporating this program into your treatment sessions or district is considering adopting this program for their lifeskills classrooms."
  • "Provides great structure to vocational programming for a variety of special needs populations. Love having picture-supported text options! Adaptive supports will be extremely helpful for my population."