Planning Agenda

View a PDF of a suggestion for the first 2 months of planning.

PowerPoint from Therapro presentation

View a PDF of Angie's 2016 presentation at Therapro

Article from Autism Notebook

View a PDF of the article Angie wrote for the April-May 2015 issue of The Autism Notebook Magazine.

BLOG: Task Boxes: A Hands-On Approach to Life Skills

My newest blog post for Therapro, explaining the use of task boxes. Read about it here.

BLOG: Pre-Vocational Training: Every Little Bit Counts! Part 1: Opportunity

Pre-vocational planning is a program designed to prepare students for a successful transition to meaningful, paid work in the community. Read more...

BLOG: File A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That!

In a blog post for Therapro, I explore different ways of engaging students using Module 2: Clerical. Filing can be fun and engaging! Read about it here.

BLOG: Holiday Wrapping

I have had success with using gift wrapping as part of the prevocational program. Read more...